Site Coordinator (Kitchener)

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Standard of Performances

  • Actively support Ivy North’s values at all times.
  • Be on time, set priorities and be personally accountable for the functions associated with assigned position and project.

Construction Duties

  • Main responsibilities are, but not limited to administrative tasks, scheduling of onsite activities, jobsite paperwork, receiving and safeguarding materials and jobsite cleanliness.
  • Develop a familiarity and understanding of the requirements of the Owner/ Ivy North agreement for the project.
  • Maintain positive relationship with Client, Architect, Engineering contacts, Government representatives and other project stakeholders to facilitate construction activities, while assisting the Site Superintendent in keeping everyone informed and involved. (Site Superintendent issues all emails where any clarification/direction is required)
  • Assist Site Superintendent with the set-up of all equipment, furniture, utilities and interior layout of the field office and co-ordinate with Office Manager for final execution.
  • Label all plans and maintain organized plan filing system. Report all inconsistencies and discrepancies in writing to the Project Manager.
  • Assist Site Superintendent with documenting material quantities, equipment requirements, work schedule and documenting actual hours worked.
  • Assist Site Superintendent in providing daily and weekly progress reports and photos to the standards established by the Ivy North office.
  • Obtaining quotes for supplies/materials that are required on site and submit on the approved format along with preparation of a bid comparison (if required) to the head office for final review and approval.
  • Update Project Manager as to any needed logic or activity changes as job progresses to improve schedule’s use. Utilize schedule with two weeks look ahead to anticipate needs and control project. Assist with the preparation of short-term schedules as needed to coordinate work and convey to trades.
  • Assist Site Superintendent in monitoring worker and craft compliance with project safety program requirements, documenting as necessary, ensuring corrective measures are implemented and safety meetings are scheduled and conducted regularly.
  • Assist Site Superintendent in maintaining an accurate record of what materials are being stored on site and what materials are yet to be delivered.
  • Assist Site Superintendent in maintaining a current set of as-built documents.
  • Ensure a copy of each trades Scope of Work and all pertinent paperwork (WSIB, Form 1000, Health & Safety Policy) is saved on the server under the respective folder and is easily accessible.
  • Ensure all workers and suppliers working on site are applying safety principles appropriately on the jobsite, make statements and ask questions to ensure staff is thinking about safety, take actions to ensure implementation of safety program when necessary.
  • Understand and be familiar with the date by which all materials must arrive on the job, as given by the Site Superintendent.  Assist the Site Superintendent in following up for deliveries.
  • When required, attend all jobsite meetings with engineers, architects, Project Manager, Owner, government entities and assist Site Superintendent in conducting weekly (or more often if needed) safety meetings, and maintain meeting minutes and ensure they are recorded, distributed saved on server under respective folder.
  • Attend the weekly foreman and Site Superintendent’s meetings. Assist in maintaining the minutes of these meetings, and ensure they are recorded, distributed and saved on server under respective folder.
  • Attend weekly safety meetings, regular toolbox talks, and safety pre-task meetings as required and ensure they are recorded and distributed and saved on server under respective folder.
  • Responsible for the preparation and distribution of the Weekly Construction Reports in a thorough and timely manner and saved on server under respective folder.
  • Responsible for translating the Site Superintendents Daily Log and saved on the server under respective folder.
  • Maintain order of packing slips and forward to head office for further matching/approval on a weekly basis.
  • Establish and maintain a system for record keeping of all shop drawings, site instructions etc. to assure work is being installed in accordance with the latest design documentation and approved shop drawings/site instructions.
  • Communicate any issues requiring additional information from trades/suppliers/Consultants in a timely fashion to the Site Superintendent and Project Manager for issuance and tracking of RFI’s.
  • Assist Site Superintendent in preparation of the monthly status report to be submitted to the office and saved on server under respective folder (if applicable).
  • Assure daily/weekly/monthly job progress photographs are taken in ample quantity to accurately depict the progress of the work and saved on server under respective folder.
  • Assure the required permits and approvals from jurisdictional agencies are posted and renewed as required prior to starting work.
  • Responsible for scheduling cranes (Site Superintendent to schedule), security, police officers etc. as directed by Site Superintendent.
  • Maintain relationships with customers, architects, union representatives, subcontractors, etc.
  • Report site injuries to Site Superintendent, Health & Safety Consultant and Office Manager and ensure proper paperwork is provided to worker and that all documents are forwarded to the Office Manager in a timely fashion.
  • Ensure time sheets are submitted to the Office Manager by established deadlines for the hours worked each week.
  • Assist the Site Supervisor in opening and/or closing the site each day as required.

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